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See my other post. Thank you, quickdraw, for the caution. Five years ago, I made an archive file of Q to reduce the size of the data file and still have to pop it open so I assume the same thing will happen once I make the move. Portfolio does have some complex transactions and I think some will be a problem with MD.

I know how to make adjustments to keep portfolio in balance with statements and I retain cost documentation. I only have 12 stocks that would be affected by complexities, balance is mutual funds and preferred stocks. Less of a problem than Q dropping transactions and losing three months of reconciliations on banks and credit cards.

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I just gave Tiller a day test run. However, it was my experience that one really needs a PhD in spreadsheets in order to do much of the analysis and report running. However, my time is much better spent with a simpler solution. My current solution is to use Mint to manage and run analysis on my spending accounts bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, car loans, etc.

I would move over to Personal Capital for everything if they would fix a few things. My biggest issue with Personal Capital is their inability to allow split transactions. Neither Mint nor Personal Capital allow for account reconciliations which would be a nice addition as well.

I am not sure if PC offers the same feature. For many of us, who have significant historical data and relatively complex finances, Quicken is THE only option. I have tried many of the above solutions, endured hours of testing … only to find some major deal-breaker that was not obvious because of the slick, glitz and glam interfaces. Hate it if you will as I sometimes do and have in the past , each one of these options above has its shortcomings, sometimes even more substantial than Quicken.

However, if you are new to the world of money management and just starting out to use software to manage your finances, then one of these options may very well work for you, at least in the short run. But eventually, you will most likely realize the shortcomings of your chosen package.

This could be related to reporting or tax tracking and include such things as return of capital, capital gains, short sales, stock splits, re-investments, etc. None of these solutions provide anywhere near the functionality that is available in Quicken, at least the ones that I have tried. Eventually, when and if these things become important to you, you will need to switch platforms to something like Quicken that can handle most anything you can throw at it.

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Quicken Canada version does not support downloading of investment transactions. A non-starter for most of us.

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For several years I used MoneyCounts a very simple program but it was bought out and ended up being discarded by Intuit and users advised to use Quicken. I to want a simple program that will keep an electronic register on multiple bank accounts and capable of downloading bank transactions that is not cloud based. I tried Moneydance but could never link it to download transactions from any of my banks in mid-America. Would someone please come up with a simple accounting program.

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While not being a budgeting program per se if it had the capability of doing fund accounting an individual could allocate their income to the various funds and be directly subtracted when the expenditure account whether called a Category of account is set up to come from a given fund is posted to in the register. I have been using Quicken for 20 years.. When I attempt to download transactions, it starts and then causes Quicken to force close. Been going on for 4 weeks now. I keep submitting their force close error report but nobody does anything to fix it.

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I even installed on a second PC I have and it does the very same thing on it.. I believe Quicken has done this on purpose to force people into their subscription service…. Depressing as I have learned all the ins and outs with quicken.. In your case, the question is whether the subscription service allows you to do what you want to do.

If it does, then it might be better to just pay for the subscription service, or go back to the earlier version of Quicken that did what you wanted it to do and stay with that. Where do I start? Our financial structure has changed completely. We have 10 credit cards, 3 bank accounts, Roth, Soc Sec income, Rental income and mics.

Customer service is a big one too as I know just enough to really screw things up. It always had too many confusing facets. My accountant like QB for tax purposes. I do use Mint for a quick look at finances and on my phone when away from home. I can forecast what ifs, download transactions to do check reconciliation, keep track of money transfers between accounts and do automatic transaction processing when I want to. Some transactions I prefer to do manually.

I can change payment dates and control just about everything. There are some processes I lost when MS dropped support for this amazing software, but to this day I can not find a replacement for what was left. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have as a replacement for MS Money. The replacement has to be installed locally on the PC and the data, yup, no trust in online, has to be kept local on the hard drive.

I can connect to register and get updates as well as download my transactions. Suggestions welcomed. I just spent an hour in chat support with Quicken tonight. They informed me that their software had a problem and I can no longer use special characters in my banking passwords. I informed them that securing my bank accounts is very important to me and I can no longer use Quicken. I am outraged at their betrayal in making this change without informing their customers. Will Quicken, as we know it, be completely out of business soon?

Will they still be arounf in two years. I too am looking for an alternative for Quicken.


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I simply want the ability to manually enter transactions and manually reconcile my bank accounts. I never allowed Quicken to connect to my accounts. I do like entering when bill payments are due however. Basically a checkbook register. Running Windows That large standard deduction is set to expire in or 26, I believe. Fifty bucks and your done until you want to upgrade. ALL I wanted and needed was a checkbook program for home, to import Microsoft Money from, when that was discontinued.

I need two things in a replacement for Quicken-the check register look and feel and ability to import data history from Quicken Any suggestions. Many thanks for the help. PersonalCapital weaned me away from almost everything else. Even with a portfolio that includes business income, real estate, and paper assets, I have never found a need to move away from Excel where I can custom design my fields and how I track them. Nice that you have either so little activity or, lots of time to manually enter all your transactions rather than downloading them.

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